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How Studies Can Help Retailers to Get Background Music Right

Instore music is an important marketing instrument, which can help increase sales.
MUSIC2Biz Feb 5, 2019

How Background Music in Stores Influences Food Selection

In the food trade, there are many factors that are decisive for success. Not only the product range and the way in which food is presented are important, but also the background noise.

Studies for Retailers

Time and again, studies have been conducted on the influence of music and background noise on the buying behavior of customers in food retailing.

Effects of Ambient Music and Background Noise on Food Sales

The study entitled "Sounds like a healthy retail atmospheric strategy: Effects of ambient music and background noise on food sales" is now available for food retailers?

What it Could Mean for Your Store

Reduce background noise to promote the sale of healthier foods.

Use the volume of background music to influence what customers buy.

Choose the right volume to ensure that customers are more aware of your offer. Here's the link to the study

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