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Good Band Names

Good Band Names
Are you tired of looking for good band names? You choose one and discover that it is already taken? If this is what happens with you, it won't this time. Read on as this article will give you some band names that are not taken.
Avanika Mote
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Did you know that there are 99,458,887,121 music bands in the world, which obviously reduces the possibility of giving you band names that are absolutely unused. Well, that ain't the exact number of music bands in the world - I just made it up, I admit. But if you and I came up with a hundred different names, we will probably end up discovering that out of those, at least 70 band names already exist in some corners of this whole wide world! Solution? Well, here's an alternative - just get playful with the right kind of words used in the world of rock and metal and you will discover one for your budding band. How do you think Linkin Park, Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers came up with those names? They obviously did not have articles like this one to watch out for! And there it have the answer lying in your own question! Although that is my advice, I couldn't resist giving you a list of good band names that struck my mind when I got playful with words!
Good Rock Band Names
  • Runway Rock
  • Super Wasted
  • Laser Druckers
  • Hammer Pigeons
  • Banned Rodeos
  • Karma Killers
  • WTF
  • Manic Warfare
  • Mary Janiacs
  • Federal Stoners
  • Rock Abuse
  • Zebra Goodhouse
  • Silent Rage
  • Nailed Momos
  • American Stampede
  • Stripped Strings
  • Dope Magnets
  • Paralyzed Plectrums
  • Sugar Daze
  • Anonymous Candies
You may or may not like these names for rock bands. But I'm sure they at least gave you a good choice of words to play with. All these names have not been used, at least when I was writing this article!
Good Metal Band Names
  • Chemical Contact
  • Corroded Spell
  • Mind Holocaust
  • Rancid Insanity
  • Satanic Makeover
  • The Italian Sushi
  • Iron Shrine
  • Robo Sapiens
  • Goth Gone Goth
  • Pig Lipstick
  • Sound of Death
  • Lethal Chaos
  • Colonial Slaughter
  • Trash Suckers
  • Metal-Mor-Phosis
  • Spamsters
  • Fabulous Baneful
  • Garden of the Ripped
  • Pseudo Hate
  • Enigmatic Fright
  • Primal Moronic
  • Licking Quality
If you have a metal band, you must name it in dark or gothic style. Metal is a genre of music that needs to be a lot darker than rock. What's more important is promoting your metal music. You must name it in a way that identifies with the metal music, for all the metal lovers. A dark name like Iron Shrine or Mind Holocaust instantly gives us a picture of something darker, something that's more devilish and out of the human world!
Good Band Names for Girls
  • Dreamscape Divas
  • The Barbie Cloners
  • Beer Jelly
  • Guardian Angels
  • Nautical Princess
  • The Mermaids of Spain
  • Punk Abstraction
  • Plethora Girls
  • Emo Blasters
  • Stockings Of The Ransom
  • Las Of The Minty
  • Stilletoes Revival
  • Luminous Victoria
  • Baby Got Buttress
  • Caffeinated Vampires
  • Chocolate Lingerie
  • Cute Invertebrates
  • Forty Bells
  • Fuchsia Julius
  • Hillbillery & Ornery Berry
I don't need to tell girls about how to name a girl band, do I? I'm pretty sure their minds work way differently than men and that they will come with the names that directly relate to their personalities. Including girly words will make good names for bands of girls. After all, a girl's mind is all about chocolate, hearts, angels and pink! No offense babes, but to be honest, everyone loves us for being 'us'!
Good Indie Band Names
  • That Fried Deluxe
  • Room #911
  • Incredible Innuendo
  • Photo Camel
  • Industrial Blast
  • Trans Racket
  • Plane Teeth
  • Beyond Slot
  • Early Control
  • Since Virtue
  • Nechro Walking
  • Adverse Void Deep Paradox
  • Clorox Of Polly
  • Sympathy Through Adrenaline
  • Twelve Of Weasel
  • Gap Cut
  • Guilt Rack
  • Summer Government
  • Caramel Bridge
  • Almighty Imperial
  • December Ranch
Indie music bands are versatile and may choose from the above list of band names for indie music. Although here's a lil' advice - choose a name that isn't too dark and you are good to go!
I don't know if my readers would love to pick one from these lists of good band names, I only hope that they will get inspired from the above names, to be minimally hopeful! Almost all of these names have not been used, so if you choose any of these, let me know, so that I can sort another list of popular band names that are not taken. And most importantly, if you are a music maker, you must know how to promote your music, because that is the only key to get noticed in this world. If I don't stop here, I would continue writing till the end of the dusk! Here's wishing you and your band, tons of gigs, heaps of fans, millions of concerts and zillions of autograph seekers! Keep rockin' n rollin'! Peace, folks.