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Engraved Guitar Picks

Aparna Jadhav Jun 6, 2019
Every guitarist knows the importance of a pick. Picks are not just for playing the instrument, but also make for great gifts and souvenirs. This write-up lists the different types of materials used to make the picks and those that are ideal for engraving.
A guitar pick or the plectrum is a small triangular piece of plastic which is quite a necessity among guitar accessories as it is used for plucking the strings on a guitar. Many guitarists usually use their fingers, but for beginners and those who want clarity in music, picks are very useful. These plectrums don't have to be single colored and boring.
They can be as colorful and unique as the swanky guitars they are used with. Nowadays with most of these accessories being personalized, the picks are also made to look unique and attractive. One of the most popular ideas is getting them engraved with symbols or shapes of any design.

Custom Guitar Picks

Just like guitars are available in every imaginable shape, guitar picks are also very unique and can be found in a variety of styles. Even though the shape of each pick is standard, there are many other alterations which can be done to make these picks look attractive and appealing to the buyer.
They can be personalized with names, signs, symbols, designs, and any other ideas which can be treasured as a memory. The most valued of these are the personalized picks with special inscriptions. These engraved picks are also made with various materials like wood, glass, metal, and stone. Some of them are just kept as souvenirs and aren't used for playing.

Metal Picks

There are many variations in metal picks. Since not many people like to spend a lot on these picks, the most popularly used metal guitar picks are made from steel. Steel is cheaper and can be easily engraved. A lot of people get their names, pictures, or other designs engraved on these picks.
Steel picks can also be worn as pendants. These picks are usually not used to pluck strings, as they are heavy and can damage the guitar. There are silver picks which are also popularly used as jewelry. They make great personalized gifts for friends.

Non-Metal Picks

Most plectrums are made from plastic, but plastic can't be engraved easily. This is where materials like glass and wood are used to make custom engraved picks. Because they are delicate and slightly more expensive than metal picks.
They are not very popular, but they are something people like to invest in as personalized souvenirs. There are some particular types of glass picks usually used by jazz musicians to play the ukulele, these are very rare.
Wooden picks are considered to be more exotic than glass, they are one of a kind and surely a treasure. Wood is known to be a very classy material which sets a signature statement. The type of wood used in making these guitar picks are Cocobolo, African Blackwood, Lignum vitae, Bocote, Zebrawood, and Rosewood.
Only the hardest wood is used for strumming as it brings out a very different sound from the strings. They are engraved with unique designs and can be used as gifts.