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Electric Guitar Packages

Sonal Panse May 13, 2019
If you want to get started with an electric guitar, you can either buy an electric guitar and an amplifier separately, or get an entire package.
An electric guitar is the one you need to plug into an amplifier before you play it. Unlike an acoustic guitar, it usually does not have a sound box (although there are electric guitars with a sound box as well as guitars that combine both acoustic and electric features) and you won't get much sound out of it if it's not connected to the amplifier.
When you play an electric guitar, the strumming of the guitar strings gets converted into electrical signals that are conveyed through the wire to the amplifier and reconverted into sound which you hear through the speaker.
You can get a variety of sound effects by fiddling with the tone and volume controls―a whole lot more sound varieties and sound levels than you would get with an acoustic guitar―and this is one of the reasons for its enduring popularity with musicians across music genres. With an electric guitar, you can play everything from jazz, blues, to country and rock.
However, the thing is, with an electric guitar or with an acoustic guitar or with any other musical instrument for that matter, it takes a lot of time and regular practice before you are able to play the instrument with any degree of proficiency.
It helps to have a well-made instrument to start out with―in fact, as much as possible, you should start out with a good instrument―but the price or type of the instrument isn't automatically going to make you a better musician.
Many professional guitar players have the following advice for beginners―start with an acoustic guitar, get the hang of it and then move on to an electric guitar. The reason for learning to play on acoustics is that with an acoustic guitar you can hear the sound clearer and develop your ear for music much better. This will stand you in good stead later on.


But if you absolutely want to get started with an electric guitar, you can either buy one and an amplifier separately or get a package. Again, professionals advise on buying separately rather than as a package. This usually has to do with the quality of the instrument and the amplifier.
Of course, this isn't true for all guitar packages. It really depends on which company you buy from. There are many reputable music companies, like Yamaha and Ibanez, that offer some excellent and affordable deals.
Many companies also have a 30-day return policy, which allows you to test out the new instrument and check if all the parts are in fine fettle and it is exactly what you want. If it isn't, you can return it and get another one.
The package usually includes an electric guitar, an amplifier, a cable, a guitar tuner, guitar picks, a guitar strap, spare guitar strings and a guitar case. The price depends on the manufacturing company, guitar type, what's included in the package. If you are on a tight budget and don't want to spend too much on a starter kit, you can get low-end packages.