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10 Impeccably Creative Business Card Ideas for Musicians

Apurva Neurgaonkar Jun 10, 2019
Business cards are an important part of a business. They come in handy in creating a great, impressive first-impression on potential clients. And with today's technology, creativity used in them is incredibly awe-inspiring. Musicians are no exceptions to all these aspects.

Microphone Shaped Business Cards

Go the retro style with microphone shaped business cards.

Piano Keys Business Cards

This is a great idea for piano teachers and even professional pianists.

Cassette Shaped Business Cards

Cassettes might not be is use these days, but these business cards will surely make you look cool, and give out the perfect message.

Concert Ticket Shaped Business Cards

These are great for professionals from the music industry, or even to make an excellent invitation to an event.

CD Shaped Business Cards

Take your potential clients back to the '90s with these CD shaped business cards.

Equalizer Business Cards

These cards portray music, plain and simple.

Guitar Shaped Business Cards

Exhibit the guitarist in you with this uniquely shaped business card.

Rock Band Business Cards

If you have a band, you can make these cards with the silhouettes of the band members in the background, and then emboss the band name with the contact details on the card.

Band Logo Embossed Business Cards

Here, instead of band member silhouettes, you can emboss the band logo along with the name of the band and the contact details on your card.

Disco Ball Business Cards

Disco your way into your fans' minds with such fab looking business cards.