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Best Songs for 2018

Best Songs for 2018
Compiling a list of songs that created a sensation is a tedious task, as we saw the release of numerous music albums. People witnessed new talents, new songs, and experiments that were appreciated by the listeners. Here is the list of the best songs for 2018.
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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Music is certainly one of the highest expressions of art. Songs by geniuses like The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Bryan Adams, and Bob Marley take you on a journey of love, romance and liberation! The genre of rock music enthralls the spirit! As the favorite list of songs differs from person to person, it is hard to declare some songs as the 'best' of the year. But here, we have tried to compile songs that ruled the music charts.
'Slide' ing In With A Bang
Calvin Harris is back with a much anticipated song featuring Frank Ocean and Migos. The song has a tropical appeal to it with ocean waves that can be heard in the background. The song released in February 17, and is among the top 10 songs in more than 10 countries.
The 'Passionfruit' Effect
The second song in Drake's 2017 album 'More life' entertained a large number of listeners around the world and has already been covered by celebrities like Paramore, John Mayer, Mura Masa and Yaeji. Passionfruit was released in March 17 and made it to the top 10 songs in over 15 countries.
Despacito's Ironical Climb Up the Chart
The most viewed song in the history of YouTube, Despacito has ruled the viewers' list for months and is still going strong. The song by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee can be heard anywhere, anytime around the world. Its infectious beats have mesmerized the listeners to the extent where every other song feels offbeat. Since its release, it has been watched over 4.1 billions times.
Shape Of You
This song released as a digital download and swept the world off its feet. Time and again we see videos of dancers performing on its pop beats. The song is a giant, that has ruled the singles charts of over 30 countries. It also has over 2 billion views on YouTube.
The Hot 'Green Light'
The second song in the album Melodrama written and sung by New Zealand singer Lorde is one of the most critically acclaimed songs of 2017. The listeners have adored the song which is why it can also be heard in some popular TV shows like New Girl, Quantico, and Siesta Key. It ruled the charts of singles in New Zealand and gained a respectful position on the singles' charts of numerous other countries.
Harry Styles and the 'Sign Of The Times'
The charismatic and humorous Harry Styles released his single debut in April 2017 and amazed the world. 'Not that anyone's gonna be confusing him with Rowan Atkinson anytime soon, but there's a sneaky wryness to "Sign of the Times" that keeps it on the right side of pomposity' says the billboard. The infectious voice intertwined with the theatrical piano gives the songs a unique touch and a worldwide appeal.
This was an overview of some of the top songs for 2018. Did you find your favorites on this list?
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