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Best Slow Songs

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Sep 29, 2018
The best slow songs help make a special occasion even more romantic and builds the intimacy between couples. Here we will cover a list of slow songs that will help you jam a romantic moment.
Nothing sets the mood for love like a slow but fiery romantic ballad. Nothing de-stresses your mind like a quaint but soothing anthem about life.
Nothing emphasizes the true meaning of friendship like a quiet but petite tune about bonding.
Whether you need slow songs for an occasion, like a party or a wedding, or if you just want to listen to slow songs and relax, chances are that you will find a song that meets your requirement.
For that romantic streak that has just come alive in you, here's a list of some wonderfully mellow melodies for you.
Slow songs and their relaxed tempo work as mind soothers. On a moonlit night, with your favorite book in one hand and a glass of your favorite red wine in another, play these songs to set the perfect mood for the night!


● Love Me Tender-Elvis Presley
● Chances Are-Johnny Mathis
● All the Way-Frank Sinatra
● April Love-Pat Boone
● Sea of Love-Phil Phillips
● Earth Angel-The Penguins
● My Special Angel-Jimmy Duncan
● Band of Gold-Don Cherry
● Unchained Melody-Todd Duncan
● I'm Movin' On-Hank Snow


● In My Life-The Beatles
● The Crying Game-Dave Berry
● That's Where It's At-Sam Cooke
● Stand by Me-en E. King
● I'm in Love-The Fourmost
● I Think of You-The Merseybeats
● Step by Step-The Crests
● Light my Fire-The Doors
● Moonlight Drive-The Doors
● Game of Love-Wayne Fontana


● Take It Easy- Eagle
● Nobody Does It Better- Carly Simon
● What Is Life- George Harrison
● Perfect Day- Lou Reed
● Still- Commodores
● Three Times a Lady- Commodores
● Feelings- Morris Albert
● Too Much Heaven- Bee Gees
● Natural High- Bloodstone
● Imagine- John Lennon


● Take My Breath Away- Berlin
● Sweet Love- Anita Baker
● Careless Whisper- George Michael
● Purple Rain- Prince
● Drive- The Cars
● Open Arms- Journey
● Live to Tell- Madonna
● Heaven- Bryan Adams
● Hello- Lionel Richie
● Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper


● Everything I Do- Bryan Adams
● Reflection- Christina Aguilera
● Run to You- Whitney Houston
● Bump n' Grind- R. Kelly
● One in a Million- Aaliyah
● Just Kickin' It- Xscape
● Fantasy- Mariah Carey
● My Best Friend - Tim McGraw
● This Kiss- Faith Hill
● Meet in the Middle- Diamond Rio


● My Love- Justin Timberlake
● Fool for You- Cee Lo Green
● Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol
● Come Away with Me- Norah Jones
● Underneath It All- No Doubt
● Fallin'- Alicia Keys
● Such Great Heights- The Postal Service
● I Love You- Faith Evans
● Softest Lips- Eric Roberson
● Wanna Be Loved- Jill Scott