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Best Rock Bands of All Time Who Took Music to a Whole New Level

Best Rock Bands of All Time
Ever since its inception into mainstream music a long, long time ago, rock has been on top of almost every other genre ever. The names in rock are bigger and better known to a fan than the top politicians in his or her country.
Arjun Kulkarni
Rock Woman Playing Guitar
Which mere mortal dares to compile the list of the best rock bands? There have been so many bands and so many changes in the definition of the term 'rock music', that it is nearly impossible to try to have a universally acceptable list. Any parameter I take to compare the bands, like album sales, or duration for which the bands have endured would all be quite contentious.
Top 10 Best Rock Bands Ever
Disclaimer: Now I seem to have a little inclination towards Metal music, so this list is MOST CERTAINLY reeks of personal bias!
♬ Metallica
"Come crawling faster...
Obey your master..."
Metallica (L-R) Robert Trujillo, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich & Kirk Hammett.
For me Metallica was THE band, is THE band and always will be THE band. The moment I heard the first notes to The Unforgiven II, I knew I had found someone special. Someone I knew I'd love for as long as I live! Over the years, the line-up has seen a few changes. The earliest line-up included James Hetfield (Vocals and Guitar Riffs), Dave Mustaine (Lead Guitars), Cliff Burton (Bass Guitar) and Lars Ulrich (Drums). Metallica released their first album Kill 'em All in 1983 and their latest album Death Magnetic in 2008. Dave Mustaine was kicked out even before the first album was released and was replaced by Kirk Hammett in 1983. After the death of Cliff Burton, Jason Newsted came on to play the bass guitar. Jason Newsted left the band in 2001 for "personal reasons" and was replaced by Robert Trujillo who continues to play for the band. The best songs by the 'monster' include Creeping Death, Master of Puppets, One, Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, and the more recent The Day that Never Comes.
♬ Pink Floyd
"come on you seer of visions...
come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner and shine!"

A band who's music goes beyond classification, Pink Floyd, has successfully endured periods of great turmoil to emerge as one of the best. The original line-up of Pink Floyd in 1965 featured Nick Mason (drums), Roger Waters (vocals and bass guitar), Richard Wright (keyboards) and Syd Barrett (guitars). David Gilmour joined the band in 1968 as a lead guitarist. After many fights with the other band members, Syd Barrett left the band in 1968. The golden era for the band came in the 1970s, after which Richard Wright left, in 1979. Following the departure of Roger Waters in 1985, Gilmour took over the vocals, but Waters' haunting singing will always stay with the listeners. The best works of Pink Floyd include Wish You Were Here, Time, Money, Comfortably Numb and Another Brick in the Wall.
♬ Led Zeppelin
"'s been a long time, been a long time,
been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time..."
(L-R) John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin attend a press conference
To the shock and horror of classic rock purists, Led Zeppelin comes in my list at a rather lowly third (most people think they should come at number one). The four-piece English band had quite an impressive line-up with Jimmy Page (lead guitars), John Bonham (drums), John Paul Jones (bass guitar) and the incomparable Robert Plant (vocals). The line-up of this band formed in 1968 remained, unchanged till the death of John Bonham in 1980, after which they disbanded. But in the (relatively) short time that they played, they gave their fawning fans a lot to scream about. While Stairway to Heaven remains their best song ever (and perhaps the best song ever by any artist), other notable mentions include Black Dog, Immigrant Song, Kashmir and Rock and Roll.
♬ Iron Maiden
" take my life...but I'll take yours too..."

Yet again, my bias for slightly louder forms of music comes to the fore, as I give the number four spot to Iron Maiden. Another enduring British band, it has seen only a few line-up changes in the 24 years it has been playing. It was one of the best rock bands in the 80s and it still is one of the best acts you'll see today. Iron Maiden was founded 1975 by Steve Harris (bass guitar). Iron Maiden are largely credited with ushering in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) and it will take another long article to mention the bands who take musical influence from 'the Beast'. Iron Maiden currently stars Bruce Dickinson (vocals), Dave Murray (guitars), Janick Gers (guitars), Adrian Smith (guitars) and Nicko McBrain (drums) along with the immortal Steve Harris. Their best works are The Number of the Beast, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Fear of the Dark and a personal favorite The Trooper.
♬ The Beatles
"...but when I get home to you,
I find the things that you do,
will make me feel alright..."

I myself feel pain as I place what must've been the pioneers of rock and roll music in fifth place. The Beatles are one of those few bands which will be fondly remembered by the whole world, and not just rock-music lovers. The Beatles had a largely unchanged line-up since their inception in 1960 till their break-up in 1970. In fact, in my opinion, The Beatles made John and Paul one of the most popular names in the world! The Beatles starred John Lennon (vocals and guitars), Paul McCartney (vocals and bass), George Harrison (lead guitars), and Richard 'Ringo' Starkey (drums). Despite all the speed drumming we have today, Ringo Starr will always remember one of my favorite drummers for his simple style and the way he surprised us with some brilliant drum rolls. The Beatles' best work, in my opinion, are I Want to Hold Your Hand and Yesterday.
♬ Guns N' Roses
"...woooaaaahhhh woah..
sweet child o' mine..."
Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses
A rather turbulent band which came from the United States, Guns N' Roses were one of the best bands of the 90s. GNR (as they are lovingly called) were formed in 1985 by the current vocalist Axl Rose. While the departure of their maverick guitar player Slash, has left me quite disheartened, this band still ends up with a respectable enough sixth place on my list! You can revel in the great works of GNR like Sweet Child O' Mine, November Rain, Paradise City, Patience and Civil War. And while you're at it, don't miss Slash's immortal guitar solos. You'll feel like playing the songs over and over again!

"...I'm on the highway to hell..."
And off they went on their highway did brothers Malcolm and Angus Young as they formed this unusual-named band in Australia. This band like many others too has gone through terrible periods of attrition. But the best known line-up of the band features Brian Johnson (vocals), Malcolm Young (guitars and backing vocals), Angus Young (lead guitars), Phil Rudd (drums) and Cliff Williams (bass). Look out for their 'high voltage' songs like Highway to Hell, Back In Black, TNT and a personal favorite You Shook Me All Night Long.
♬ The Rolling Stones
"...I can't GET NO..."

Unfortunately, 'the Stones' have only two prominent faces in their 'rolling' line-up: Mick Jagger (vocals) and Keith Richards (guitars). The Rolling Stones were formed in 1962 and are still active (despite the numerous changes) making them one of the most longest lasting bands of all time! Their greatest hits include Satisfaction, Time's on My Side, Get Off My Cloud and As Tears go By.
♬ Aerosmith
" drive me crazy...crazy...crazy
for you baby..."
David Lee Roth of Van Halen and The members of Aerosmith pose during the 2013.
While debates continue whether vocalist Steven Tyler has really left the band, him and the rest of Aerosmith will doubtlessly remain one of the greatest acts to have ever graced the stage. The antics of their talismanic vocalist aside, they will always be remembered as 'America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band'. Their most well-known lineup includes Joe Perry (guitar and backing vocals), Brad Whitford (guitar and backing vocals), Tom Hamilton (bass and backing vocals) and Joey Kramer (drums) along with Steven Tyler. Their best hits are Dream On, Crazy, Pink, Dude Looks Like a Lady and the Armageddon soundtrack I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing.
"...No time for losers...
'Cause we are the champions..."

Queen was headed by one of the greatest vocalists ever, Freddie Mercury and had Brian May on Guitars, John Deacon on Bass and Roger Taylor on drums. They remained largely unchanged over their 27 year history between 1970 and 1997. Their most memorable hits include We Are the Champions, We Will Rock You, I Want to Break Free and Bohemian Rhapsody

Honorable mentions would include Black Sabbath, Dire Straits, Pearl Jam, The Doors, Nirvana, The Who, Van Halen, and a personal favorite, Oasis.

So this was the much debatable, my personal rock list! So if you're just getting started with rock music, I suggest you listen to one of these bands and the songs mentioned above!