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7 Useful Tips to Travel With Musical Instruments

Shimul Kabir Sep 30, 2019
You are a musician and have a band. Everything is worth it on stage. But, when it comes to traveling, taking your musical instruments by plane or car, can be a problem. Complicated? We share a practical guide to travel with instruments and avoid an unpleasant experience.

1. Make a List, Print and Take a Picture

Even with a good memory, you can forget few things. It is best to make a list of everything from cables to pens. Don't settle for printing or making the list on a sheet as you may lose it. Have its picture always on your phone also.

2. Forecast the Weather to Protect Your Instruments

Every musician knows that strings need to be loose for long trips. What many don't know is, it's necessary to buy an instrument humidifier for wooden instruments in high temperatures. Some instruments can't go in the trunk due to the enclosed heat there. Be informed and ready!

3. Use Luggage and Hard Cases

Keep the instruments in hard cases. Some choose protective plastics or fabrics inside to avoid being hurt by sudden motions. Cloth cases are out of place. In case of cars, it is necessary to keep the instruments with harder cases first, leaving most fragile instruments at the end.

4. Avoid Overloading the Car

If you are traveling in a car with battery and instruments, check the weight your car can carry. If you consider it overloaded, you need to drive slowly and avoid forcing the car. Fuel consumption, car wear can be considerable. Stop passengers from adding more weight.

5. Pay for Parking

There are cases of musicians being victims of crime. You need not skimp on paying for parking. It is an investment you will appreciate. Study the area to verify the security and protect your instruments. Try to be with more than one person for watching when raising and lowering instruments.

6. Recommendations When Traveling by Plane

It is essential to speak to the airline before buying tickets and know their travel policies because policies vary from one airline to another. The small instruments are easy to transport as they can be considered hand luggage. The bigger instruments like guitar, Ukulele, piano can be a problem.

7. Arrive Early

Anything can happen while traveling by plane. Sometimes, people end up paying a passenger seat for instruments. Also, some wish to protect it with plastic wrap. Success of your trip depends on your organization and anticipation.